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Who We Are

Fade to Gray provides a safe place for people of all backgrounds to share their stories in an effort to create a possibility for healing, growth, and reconciliation. We engage in intentional, non-deconstructive communication. We invite guests to the table who have a desire to find the common ground we can all stand on. Our goal is to bring in different perspectives in a respectful way, showing how to “Fade to Gray” in a polarizing world.

The light hearted, gut-wrenching, or the deep dive topics provide hearty conversations and a community to get to break down the walls we have built to better know ourselves and each other. Learn, laugh, and cry with us at Fade to Gray.

The Cast Of Characters


The Mastermind

Omar, the Pod Father, was the one who dreamed up this wonderful network. Always the dreamer and conversationalist, he saw an opportunity to start a podcast with some friends and jumped in with both feet. Omar put together this fantastic team and started Fade To Gray Podcast. When he’s not podcasting, he’s thinking about podcasting or listening to them. Aside from that, he spend all the rest of his spare time working his butt off to support his family. 


The Original Editing Wizard

Chris was born and raised in Oklahoma, but moved to Texas as soon as he could. A public educator, he works on the podcast when he isn’t shaping and molding the minds of the future. Chris is a world traveler and has experienced the cultures of over 20 countries. A former Libertarian, he no longer trusts U.S. politics. In Chris’ mind, the world is better than it has ever been… you just don’t know it because mainstream news is selling you drama.


Recording Master

Seth grew up in a small town in Missouri. He was on track for a future in the ministry, when he came to the conclusion that he was gay. Cue: long coming out journey. Ministry was pushed for a career in social work. If he couldn’t serve in the Church, he could by being the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Seth is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a second Master’s in Healthcare Administration. Seth can be too serious at times, but the cast knows how to put him in his place.


Marketing Badass

You know that one friend who is always making bad dad jokes but you still like having them around for entertainment value? That’s me. I’m a father of an amazing daughter and when I have time I enjoy photography, exploring my home state of California, coffee and listening to anything to do with comedy. My favorite podcasts: The Joe Rogan Experience, Tuesday’s with Stories, The Chip Chipperson Podacast and Legion of Skanks. 


Token Lady

Elizabeth is the neck who turns the head of the podcast. She's part of the round table & updates social media & the website. When not working on F2G, she works on her marriage to Omar & helps to raise their 4 children, including their homeschooling. In 2011 she took up private music teaching & has continued to teach since. This is & has been her favorite paying gig. In her spare time she sells children’s books & has her own podcast, Four In Tow Podcast, a podcast to encourage homeschool mothers.


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